Transform your work environment into a happy, positive environment while still looking professional and on-brand.

-Waiting rooms
-Reception areas
-Office spaces
-Consulting rooms
-Public bathrooms
-and and and…


Rotate your designs to keep your space fresh, colourful, interesting & inviting.

Neat & Tidy.

You’ll still look professional as each poster will be neatly branded with your logo & name

Make a difference.

You never know when a poster on YOUR wall could positively impact a life – young & old!

Just a small, once-off investment
that can have a LIFE-CHANGING effect on the person who reads it…

How does it work?

1. Order your poster pack via this website. Choose between the Illustrated or Photo pack, or both to truly appeal to young, old and everyone in between.
2. I’ll contact you to get your logo / business name
3. I’ll add your logo & biz/school name to each poster
4. Your branded posters are sent to the printers
5. We send you your beautiful, branded poster pack(s), printed on 200gsm semi-gloss A3 paper each


(orders work on a first come first serve basis)

Illustration pack

Photo pack

30 quotes & designs in each pack

Branded with YOUR business / school name

Printed on A3 200gsm semi-gloss paper

Rotate designs to keep space fresh




No more dull walls

Make a WOW-impression

A positive thought always beats a negative one! In a world filled with so much negativity, YOU can make a difference! Help the hearts & minds that enter your space & environment to be surrounded by positive, kind and encouraging messages. Can you imagine how many negative thoughts we can chase away together!?! This is a unique, fun and easy way to do just that!

Anri van der Linde

Creator & Designer of the Poster Packs


What happens after I buy the pack?
  • I will be in contact within max 5 working days with the contact person that you supplied during the checkout process to arrange to get your logo /  school badge / business name
  • We then place that on each poster of your pack and send it for approval
  • Once approved, I send your posters to my printer to print your posters on 200gsm semi-gloss paper in A3 size
  • I sent your printed branded poster pack via courier 
How big and on what do you print the posters?

Your branded posters will get printed on 200gsm semi-gloss stock, A3 size, and one of each design. There are 30 designs in each pack.

What if I need to print more copies or other sizes?

Please get in touch with me, and I can send you a quote to print the posters according to your requirements. Email me here:

Is dit beskikbaar in Afrikaans ook?

Op die oomblik is die posters slegs in Engels beskikbaar, maar ons Afrikaanse kinders is tog SO oulik en gewoond om sulke boodskappe in engels te lees en in te neem! So moenie dat die ‘Engels’ jou keer om ‘n positiewe impakte maak nie.

What people are saying…

Excellent idea! Our pupils love our new, brighter and happier walls!

Dit maak regtig ‘n verskil. Ons roteer die boodskappe en my pasiente se reaksie is baie positief.

We love the positive energy it brings to our space. (We’re getting a lot of compliments too!)