Empower Poster Packs

On the checkout page, you’ll be asked to enter your e-mail address.
This is the email address that we’ll contact to get your logo to brand your posters, so please ensure you type in the correct email address with no typos. Please also provide a CONTACT NUMBER.


  • Once you’ve submitted your order, I’ll be in touch to explain how to send me your school / business logo
  • I will then add your branding to each poster in your pack
  • You will receive a print-ready pdf file with all your poster designs with your branding
  • You are allowed to print as many of the designs that you will need, just specify to the printer in what size you want to print your posters (from as small as A6 to as big as A3) 👏
  • You’re now ready to colour in your space with beautiful, INSPIRING messages that will still complement your work/school environment with your own logo 
    • Does not include frames
    • Colours may vary due to variations in monitor and printer used
    •  No refunds since this is a digital product

You will make a positive impact by sprinkling positive thoughts into the world to help chase out the negative ones!✨✨