I’m a wife, mom of 2 teens, and boss-lady at the studio.

But let’s first take a few steps back…

I grew up in a family where working 9-5 was not ‘a thing’. Both my parents were creatives & artists. Mom a famous singer, dad a content creator, producer and brilliant musician. A lot of our time was spent in different towns as my parents toured the country with shows, and my brother and I thought of creative ways to keep us busy backstage while mom and dad were performing.

And even though it was not a ‘9-5’ life, my parents showed me the dedication & discipline it took to make a success of something when there’s no ‘boss’ to tell you what to do. I watched them as they worked long hours to come up with new creative ideas for shows, for new music, and to ‘package’ & market the new products they created.

I had the privilege of having a front-row seat watching my dad as the founder and creator of “Noot vir Noot”, and seeing how that developed from an idea to one of the most successful TV game-shows of all time.

At the age of 18, I was working as an international model and started to become more and more fascinated with what happens with the photos AFTER the photoshoot until we see them in the magazine. My curiosity & questions led me to study graphic design. And soon I realised that this is a wonderful tool to bring the many creative ideas and dreams in my head to life… I was in love with designing!

It wasn’t really ‘planned’, but before I finished my studies I already had my first graphic design client. EMI Music asked me to design CD covers and sleeves for them. Word of mouth is still the best marketing and I got more design requests. Before I could say ‘job hunting’, I was working for myself. My entrepreneurial journey started…


The name of my business came easy to me:

I dream, I create, I want to bring ideas and visions to life

Even though I started other small businesses over the years, I continued doing my own creative design work and branding in all my ventures.

In 2022 I sold the business that occupied most of my time & attention from 2011 – 2021, “Girl-School”, an Empowering course for girls. I had many options in front of me regarding what the next step in my journey could be,  and decided to go back to what I truly love… design.

I opened the doors to my design studio again, this time re-naming it “Anri van der Linde Design Studio”. 

By creating striking visual identities & designs, I give my clients the confidence to share their business & service with pride, the credibility to attract their ideal clients and to feel totally obsessed and proud of how their business is visually presented to the world.

My creative process is infused with: passion, joy, positive vibes & creating an environment we’re both excited about. I want you to love not only the final product, but the experience.

You have a unique gift, offering and passion to share with the world, and I’m here to help you visually bring that to life!





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