Alle praatjies kan ook in Afrikaans aangebied word

From how to shine your INNER beauty light, to standing up for your own LIFE picture, to beautiful bonding tips for moms and daughters…

When Anri started working as an international model in Europe at the age of 18, she soon started questioning “beauty”.

How can the girl, that is gossiping and treating others without respect and kindness, be labelled “beautiful” just because she’s on the cover of a magazine?

Anri’s journey to discover the true meaning of “real beauty” started to take her on a journey of self-discovery and how God made ALL of us beautiful in a unique way (and it’s got nothing to do with the colour of your eyes or the shape of your body.)

“I believe God put me on that path for a reason. I had to learn first-hand how important “Inner Beauty” is. I returned to South Africa feeling passionate about sharing this with other girls, to teach them that “being beautiful” is not what you see in the mirror but how you treat others and also yourself. And that YOU ARE ALREADY BEAUTIFUL just the way you are.

My life took an unexpected turn when I was offered the opportunity to become the new owner and principal of SA’s leading finishing and self-development school for teen girls. 

The INNER transformation that I saw in the girls after doing my courses was so inspiring! They started to see that they were beautiful in their unique way and their confidence started to grow.

With the knowledge and experience I gained from working so closely with the teen girls, and after truly getting to know their struggles and challenges, I then felt called and inspired to write a similar course but this time for the PRE-teen girls.

This course became extremely popular and many young girls were empowered with tools and skills that better prepared them for teen life, and beyond.”

Anri continues to pursue her passion for inspiring pre-teens, teens, and moms by sharing the knowledge and expertise she has accumulated over the years through her engaging and empowering school talks.

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Both girls and boys
Various grades
Can be presented in English or Afrikaans

Anri plants powerful seeds in the hearts of young girls and boys who are at a stage in their lives where self-doubt, comparison and insecurities are a big reality. Not only can they apply this now in their school years, but it will echo into adulthood too.(Teacher)

“Anri’s talks are fun and interactive, and she has a gift for connecting with the audience on a level where they really listen to her, take what she says to heart, and walk away feeling inspired and motivated to apply what they’ve learned.” (Principal)

Anri has a special knack for capturing children’s attention! While my own kids might dismiss what I say, they pay full attention when it’s “teacher Anri!” Her distinctive approach to explaining concepts and her genuine connection with their emotions are truly remarkable. The positive influence she has had on my daughter’s life is significant.(Parent)

For more info on talk topics and bookings please e-mail: