Rina and Johan built their holiday home in 2000. It was one of the first houses in a share block, Red Mountain Lodge, located 2 km outside the town, Rooiberg in the Western Bushveld. It’s about a 150-minute drive from Pretoria or Randburg, depending on the route you take. The hilly farm is 3000 hectares in size and is covered with good dirt roads for wildlife safari trips. There are two large dams with covered viewing points and braai facilities. The healthy drinking water comes from several boreholes.

The number of shares, and consequently residential houses, is limited to 40 and the plots are placed in such a way that one is hardly aware of one’s neighbours. A qualified resident ranger is responsible for the management of fauna and flora, water and electricity, roads and security, cleanliness, beautification and the general well-being of the farm. The shareholders take care of the maintenance of their own houses.

The wildlife is scientifically managed and replenished and or thinned out where necessary. Annual hunting packages are available to the owners at reasonable prices.


The house was designed to our needs and we took occupation at the turn of the century. The house has three levels. We live mainly on the middle level with the front door and entrance hall on the south side and the stoep on the north and west sides.

The kitchen/living room and two en suite bedrooms open out onto a long veranda along the north side of the house with sliding glass doors. The stoep also connects to a large open wooden deck on the west side.

From all these areas we have a beautiful view of the Bushveld and the attractive Waterberge on the horizon. The sunsets are fantastically beautiful against those mountains.

The lower floor has two bedrooms and one bathroom. At the bottom of the stairs is an outside door that leads to the braai lapa and the yard.

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The upper floor leads to the observatory where Johan’s large 10-inch Meade telescope is permanently mounted. The roof of the observatory can be opened to view and admire the starry sky. The clean air, which is also free of any light pollution, makes this an ideal place for a good telescope.

Many interesting stargazing evenings with family and friends are spent here. The observatory also opens onto a veranda,  ideal for a sundowner while admiring the treetops and the mountains in the distance!

The well-equipped telescope with a variety of eyepieces forms part of the contents of the house and is sold with the house, like the furniture and curtains.

One could also turn this space into a play/visit/sleep room for the children.


The double garage is part of the house. This is Dad’s area! All the tools, paint cans, cleaning agents, electrical stuff, glue, etc. are on shelves.

There are also two extra fridges and all kinds of other large things (the big umbrella, ladders etc.) that have no place in the house. The double-volume garage also has an attic where longer-term goods are stored.

The room is also used for games such as table tennis and darts. The total contents are sold with the house unless the new owners prefer otherwise.

The driveway to the house is paved and leads to the front door and the covered parking for two cars. The latter, like the house, has a thatched roof.

All the thatched roofs were newly combed two years ago and re-covered with new mesh wire.

The house also has a large outside room where all the garden tools are stored. All included.


The braai lapa is circular with the raised braai area in the middle. One can sit on the built-in seat, but we usually use the folding chairs. Large trees provide lovely coolness in the afternoon and you have a peaceful view of the bushveld surroundings.


From the house, stone steps lead to the lower lapa. From here you stand on the edge of a gorge where you look down at a stream of water. After a good rain, it turns into a roaring stream for a few days! (See the photos and video).

The area is safe with wooden rails and the thatched roof creates a nice atmosphere. Here we enjoy the babbling stream, birdsong and the setting sun in the west… an ideal place to be alone with a good book!

A downward footpath leads through the trees for those who want to lie down or play in the stream.


We always say “we’re going to the plaas”. Before the development of the share block, which began in the late nineties, this was a large cattle farm.

Currently, there is a lot of wildlife that can be viewed, not only from your home but also with kilometers of roads that cross the entire farm. There are two beautiful dams with lookout points, braai facilities and flushing toilets for visitors. Because of the few hippos and crocodiles, swimming is not allowed.

Elsewhere on the farm, there are other picnic areas with covered facilities and toilets. The whole farm is tree-rich with here and there stretches of open grassland.


The main security gate (and only entrance) to the estate is approximately two kilometers from Rooiberg. Since there are speed limits on the farm, it takes us about 12-15 minutes to get to town. The biggest store is a general merchant that sells groceries, hardware, fresh produce, etc. They also sell alcohol, gas and fuel.

In town, there are interesting places to eat, a bakery, a butchery, a police station, a medical centre and sports facilities such as tennis and bowling. There is also a hotel with a swimming pool and meals for day visitors. For the golfers, there is a private 18-hole golf course.

The attractive village, Rooiberg, won second place in the Town of the Year competition last year.


In town is also the so-called Bewaria office. It is a local organization that is supported and operated by the surrounding community and that looks after firefighting and security. All entrances to the town are manned 24/7 and controlled with booms and radio links. The danger is livestock thieves and game poachers.

All the farm managers are full-time in radio contact and help with firefighting. During fire season, professional firefighting teams are also used. In any case, all the grass in a 30-meter lane around our houses is cut short for the owners before the winter, just for safety and cleanliness.


The consumption of water and electricity for every house is checked and paid for every month. Eskom power is available but the farm has a generator that can provide power during load shedding or other interruptions. In our house, we can switch to our petrol generator, but we have only used that once in all these years!

Red Mountain Lodge Share Block Limited (Reg No 92/04029/06) is also known as Monate Private Game Reserve. The property is managed by an elected board and the day-to-day management is handled by a resident contracted manager. The income is based on an annual levy which last year amounted to R75 000. Most shares are owned by two, three or four people.

Our share, Monate 38, is currently in the market for R3.5 million, negotiable.

For more than 23 years now we have enjoyed the peace and beauty of the Bushveld here but are happy to hand it over to new owners with the guarantee that you will enjoy and appreciate every moment in this holiday home.

If you are interested in further information or negotiations, you can contact Johan at: 


Johan en Rina (Hugo) van Rensburg.