I had a choice:
I could either hire a professional video crew,
use my talented dad as the cameraman, director & sound engineer, mom as the teleprompter operator and Annabella & Enzo (my children) as assistants. I even converted Annabella’s room into our home studio!😅

I decided to go with the ‘family crew’ option because I knew it would make the whole experience so much more memorable and enjoyable. And boy was I right on this one!

My dad was the creator and director of South Africa’s longest-running TV Game Show “Noot vir Noot”, so I knew I was in good hands when I asked him to direct & film this for me. Mom patiently helped me to remember all my words while also keeping an eye on the hair & makeup while recording.

We filmed for a full week. The final product looks amazing and I cannot be prouder!

Even though this is an online course, I felt like I was talking to a real girl in front of me, in person, all the time while recording each lesson. So when it was time to film the final lesson I got very emotional 😭 Luckily the tears rolled in front of my family, (which is less embarrassing than if it were a video crew from outside!)😅 Enzo just rolled his eyes, (typical boy!😂), Annabella and my mom were ready with hugs and dad watched quietly, looking proud.

Today I’m extremely happy and proud of the final product. Each of the 21 lessons is super valuable and the feedback from my students is so positive! 🤗

I am forever grateful that I could give this big dream of mine wings, not by myself in a studio with strangers, but surrounded by the loving support and helping hands of my loved ones.

Here are some behind the scene photos of the ‘family-crew’ in action. 🎥


Sneak-peak of the final product below: