Kid- & family friendly, bursting with positive benefits!

A unique and fun way for your child to connect and bond with family & friends

Find a family member who…

Dinnertime cards to spark conversations

Fun family interview

Who knows whom best game

Complete your family tree

Play This or That with your family & friends

Find a friend who…

My soul-vitamins

Spread kindness cards


Think about it…

Your child takes his/her tablet/phone with them almost everywhere. So now they can have their BONDING PACK on their device and use the fun activities to interact and bond with family members. Maybe they want to do the fun family interview, play a game of who knows whom best, or just share some of the fun ‘dinnertime cards’ full of interesting facts, jokes and puzzles. Let the conversations, connections and bonding begin…

Encourage conversations

Awesome activities in the palm of their hands to spark healthy and fun conversations!

Positive & Inspiring

5 beautiful ‘soul vitamins’ (affirmations) and also ‘spread kindness cards’ that your child can use to share kindness with others.

Age-appropriate & Safe

Beautifully illustrated and easy to use. This is a safe and positive activity for your child that parents can download on their device with peace of mind.

What’s in the bonding pack:

Interactive Bonding Pack

13 Unique activities in their digital bonding pack that you’ll download onto their tablet / phone.

Lunchbox Surprise

Make your child’s day by surprising him/her with an encouraging lunchbox note inside their lunchbox or pencil bag. There’s a set of 6 cards for girls and a set for boys. (also in Afrikaans)

Pillow Lovenotes

A BEAUTIFUL bonding activity for the whole family! Print your love note cards, leave these special notes on each other’s pillows and see the SMILES and LOVE grow!


What Our Families are Saying

Such a clever idea! My son loved all the activities and our family really enjoyed the Pillow Love notes too!

Ons het omtrent lekker gesels en gelag in die huis! Dankie vir hierdie oulike pakkie wat ons met soveel gemoedsrus vir ons kind kon laai op sy tablet!

My daughter connected with so many family members – she wanted to ‘interview’ all of them 🙂 She also loved handing out her ‘kindness cards’ and sharing the dinnertime facts & jokes with us. Such a fun and positive activity for kiddos for sure!


What happens after I buy the pack?
  • I will send you step-by-step instructions on how to download the pack onto your child’s device – even a child will be able to follow and do it – it’s easy!
  • Once that’s done (and you only have to do those steps once), it will be on his/her device to use immediately when they want to play with their pack
  • All the extras & downloads (eg. lunchbox surprises and pillow love notes) are accessible to you via the ‘Parent Section’ in the pack and will also be emailed to the email address you provided when you bought the pack.
Is dit beskikbaar in Afrikaans ook?

Ja dit is! Wanneer jou kind die ‘Bonding pack’ oopmaak is daar ‘n opsie om Engels of Afrikaans te kies.
Alles is vertaal in Engels, behalwe die “Dinnertime” kaartjies aangesien baie van die grappies en raaisels net werk in Engels. MAAR, hierdie kaartjies is kort en lees maklik en so oefen jou kind sommer sy/haar Engels op ‘n lekker prettige manier! Die res is alles in Afrikaans.

What are required to view / use the activities?
  • Your child will need a smartphone or tablet
  • The parent will need a printer to print the lunchbox notes, pillow love notes and family tree page
  • Internet connection to download the bonding pack onto your child’s device, your child can then even enjoy their pack offline! (Only the parent section on the pack will require an internet connection when you request the links to the extra activities)
Best age?

We feel the best age is 8 – 14. Younger can also use and benefit from the bonding pack but might need a bit of help with some of the reading, depending on their reading capabilities.